Titel onbekend (SK5)
Pinas, Marcel Hendrik
(Pelgrimkondre-district Marowijne, 1971)
Natin 1989-1993
Nola Hatterman Institute (NHI) 1986-1992
Edna Manley College Jamaica 1997-1999
(Most Outstanding Student; Deans Award)
Lecturer at the Nola Hatterman Institute since 1992

During his studies in Jamaica his work underwent a metamorphosis, his naturalist style making way for abstraction. In Jamaica he became conscious of the differences in the maroon culture as well as of its decline. In his work he seeks to record the maroon culture. He regularly returns to his native region, bringing back to Paramaribo objects which he incorporates in his artwork. A recurring motif are the characters AFAKA from the Aucan alphabet with which he has signed his paintings since his return from Jamaica.
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