Kinderen (SK18)
Irodikromo, Soeki
Born, June 20th 1945, Pieterszorg, Commewijne, Suriname. He attended the CCS school of Art in Paramaribo and studied painting, graphics, and ceramics at the Academy of Art in Rotterdam, Holland. In 1979 he was awarded a grant and set off for Indonesia to study the batik technique at the Academy of Seria Rupa, Indonesia in Yogyakarta. Back in Suriname, Soeki employed both the batik, ceramics and painting techniques.

His works of art can be found all over the world as far as Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, America, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Chili, Indonesia, Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, England, Switzerland, New Zeeland, Africa, China, Japan, India, Mozambique & Australia.

Soekidjan (Soeki) Irodikromo
(1945, plantage Pieterzorg, district Commewijne district)
CCS School of Art 1963-1967
Academy of Art Rotterdam, studied painting
and graphics 1967-1972
Ceramics 1971-1972
Date of burth: 20 juni 1945
Nationality: Surinaamse
Homeadress: Koperstraat 5
Telephonenumber: 551213
Workadress: Idem
Studied batik making at the Akademie Seni
Rupi Indonesia, Yogyakarta, 1979-1980
Soeki returned to Suriname in 1972 fired by the
example of the COBRA painters such as Appel
and Lucebert. He combined these models with
themes and forms drawn from the Javanese
traditions, producing a powerfully individual
style. Many of this pictures allude to Javanese
mythology. On returning from his stay in
Indonesia, he introduced batik painting to
Suriname. Between 1988 and 1990 he was
creating realist works in which he depected
well-known personalities and specific
Surinamese/Javanese tradions. Latterly his
paintings reveal a return to a more
expressionist style, and the Javanese themes
have made way for a mixture of Surinam
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