Djiman, Kasian P.
Nationality: Surinam
Homeadress: Saminweg 35
Telephonenumber: 0885 - 9843
Workadress: V.H.K. Scholengemeenschap Nickerie
Telephonenumber: 0231573

Biography artist: HAVO, LO-drawing, M.O.A.-drawing, has interest for landscapes, animals and women humanfigures. Paints mostly with oil-acrylic paint and works often figurative, sometimes forms are formalize stylize. Active as drawingteacher on the V.W.O. and HAVO in Nickerie.

Earlier expo’s
NK 1990 up to and including 1999; Surifesta 1998; ART 2000 groupexpo’s; VHJI expo 2000 and 2002.
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