Tosari, Renι Darimin
(1948, district Suriname)
NIKK, Paramaribo, 1967-1970
Academy of Art, Rotterdam, 1970-1973
(specializing in graphic techniques)
Active in Suriname from 1973-1979
Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, 1980-1982,
Art Teaching Diploma Course
Active in Suriname from 1982-1993
Founded the Waka Tjopu artist collective in 1984
Tosari is one of the most prominent graphic artist in Suriname. His work reveals his profound social commitment. In the seventies and early eighties, this stance was expresses in a very direct way – often inspired by social realism – later becoming more indirect and symbolic. His style became freer, more complex and more imaginative , often characterized by two or more overlapping representations. During the course of the eighties he concentrated more on painting, and colour assumed a greater importance. He moved to the Netherlands in 1993.
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