Chin A Foeng, Jules
(1944-1983, Paramaribo)
CCS School of Art 1960
Private lessons with Getrouw and Robles de Medina.
Academy of Art Tilburg Teacher Training MO-A 1961-1964
Painting lessons at the National Academy of Art, Amsterdam, 1964-1965
New York University 1975-1976 Master of Arts

Chin A Foeng-activist, nationalist, passionate inspider, prolific painter and graphic artist- was a driving force behind various art institutions, the SABK, the NKK and the AHKCO. In his search for an authentic Surinam style he assimilated many different movements: Cubism, Expressionism, abstract art, ‘mati่re’ painting, as well as models such as Picasso and Gauguin. After Studying in New York, he worked in a Photo-Realist style.
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